The best software to transform your static PDF file into
a dynamic video, full of transition effects and
background music.

PDF to MP4 Video

Convert any PDF to MP4 video format for offline and online sharing (e.g YouTube). High quality conversion (full HD)

Video Effects

Add transition effects to make the video more attractive and dynamic. It is also possible to add background music.

Free PDF Editor

Thanks to the integrated PDF Editor you can edit the source PDF before converting to video. Edit text, add or remove pages, and so on.

Powerpoint to Video

Convert any Powerpoint (ppt, pptx) presentation to MP4 video format for offline and online sharing

Excel to Video

Convert any Excel file (xls and xlsx) to MP4 video format file for offline and online sharing

Word to Video

Convert any Word file (doc and docx) to MP4 video format file for offline and online sharing

Why You Should Use this PDF to Video Converter ?

If you have a PDF file that contains a presentation or photos, transforming it into a video allows you to obtain a more easily shareable multimedia file. Here are some advantages of converting PDF to Video.

✔ The video file, unlike the PDF format, is also easily shareable on platforms and social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc…

✔ PDF is a “static” document. Video is by its nature a dynamic multimedia file that also allows you to add background music and transition effects.

✔ Show your PDF presentation on computers or mobile devices where PDF Viewer is not installed or not supported.

✔ Supports also the conversion of Powerpoint, Word and Excel files to MP4 video file (high resolution video)

Video to PDF Features

Video & Audio Settings

PDF to Video software allows you to create customized video from your documents thanks to the following features:

  • Video Quality / Resolution (Full DH, 2K and 4K supported)
  • Video Frame Rate
  • Audio quality/bit rate (up to 320 Kbps)
  • Add Watermark / Logo with opacity (PRO version only)
  • Frame rate display duration (defautly set to 5 sec)
  • Transiction effects (it is possible to random apply in one clic)
  • Detailed preview of the video before converting
  • Background music
  • Save project / settings for further works

Example Video


What do PDF to Video users think?

Choose PDF to Video Version


$ 0.00
High video quality
10+ Transiction Effects
Add background music
Free PDF editor integrated
Preview Video
Word/PPT/Excel to Video
"VideoToPDF.com" watermark added


$ 24.99
High video quality
10+ Transiction Effects
Add Music Background
Preview Video
Free PDF Editor
Word/PPT/Excel to Video
Add your own Watermark or Logo
Create unlimited video
Free technical support and upgrades